Wound Care Challenges-Managing Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Wound Infection

This lecture is presented by Prof. Valerie Edward-JonesUK

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasing amongst the common pathogens associated with healthcare associated infections. This has left clinicians with fewer treatment options and the possibility of returning to a pre-antibiotic era.  In the United Kingdom, there has been a 26% reduction in the number of antibiotics available for prescription compared to twenty years ago because common pathogens have developed resistance to first generation antimicrobials. In addition, many large pharmaceutical companies have stopped looking for new antibiotics because the cost of development of a single antibiotic can be cost prohibitive. The government has responded by establishing an Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy 2013-2018 which has three major aims namely:
  1. improve the knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance
  2. conserve and steward the effectiveness of existing treatments,
  3. stimulate the development of new antibiotics, diagnostics and novel therapies. 

In addition the government commissioned a review on AMR and this was reported in 2016 on how to tackle the problem globally and recommended 10 areas that require immediate action in order to minimise the impact of AMR on human health. 

Misuse of systemic antibiotics in wound care needs to be addressed and the current use of topical antiseptics carefully monitored in order to prevent development of resistance in this area. Understanding when and how topical antiseptics should be used to prevent infection and to reduce bioburden is essential for all wound care practitioners and how they can be used to reduce the spread of AMR is essential for all wound care practitioners. This lecture hopes to address this.

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