The Stop the Pressure Programme for England

This lecture is presented by: Jacqui FletcherSenior Clinical Advisor NHS Improvement

Whilst many studies focus on specific elements of pressure ulcer prevention there is less work that addresses systems, processes and large scale organisational change. The NHS in England spans 248 provider organisations and delivering evidence based care in any consistent way can be incredibly challenging. 

The “Stop the Pressure” Programme (STPP) has been running since 2012.   It commenced in the Midlands and the East Region of England.  There have been demonstrable benefits from the programme, and since late 2016 STPP has been re energised and is being delivered as a national programme. 

STPP is a system wide improvement programme working across acute and community settings.   It is also working in collaboration with key partners in social services and care home settings.    It is not an isolated programme in relation to pressure ulcers and supports matrix working with other programmes being led by other partners e.g. NHS England and the Academic Health Science Networks.  The programme which is integrated with NHS Improvement as part of a wider Patient Safety Campaign, was an improvement priority within the NHSI business plan for 2016/17 and 2017 / 18.

The programme aims to:
  • Develop and implement national definitions
  • Develop and implement local reporting mechanisms
  • Develop and implement and national measurement strategy
  • Deliver an improvement collaborative to tackle variation in practice in providers
  • Review delivery of pressure ulcer prevention education and develop a national curriculum and competency framework to be used by both pre-and post qualification staff 
  • Develop a strategy for public engagement in pressure ulcer prevention.