Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Telemedicine has been proposed for managing chronic wounds in fragile, comorbid  patients at home.  Developed since two decades , at distance wound assessment and follow up  between experts and local practitioners leads to a limited costs of transportation and a better quality of life. In 2011 two régions in France, financed by a public funding, could develop the project named « Domoplaies », a randomised controled trial concerning efficacy and costs of telemedecine . Two groups of 100 patients were included in the network Home Hospital, among them 193 were analysed , the primary outcome being complete healing.

Centralisation of calls was done on a regional call center, covering a region including 2.5Millions of population. These patients were followed using a dedicated software, and statistical evaluation was realised in univariate analysis. The results do not demonstrate differences between the groups concerning complete healing, and the costs are statistically reduced especially when the patients are living far from expert centers. Telemedecine allows a reduced transport cost, a réduction of time to access to expertise for fragile  restricted at home. patients presenting chronic wounds.

This lecture is presented by Julian Vitse