Exhibitor and Sponsor Profiles

  • APA Parafricta Limited.

    APA Parafricta Limited.

    Parafricta develops medical products incorporating ultra-low friction fabrics for the protection of skin from damage caused by friction and shear. 
  • Bruin Biometrics LLC

    Bruin Biometrics LLC

    Bruin Biometrics LLC, a pioneer in biometric-sensor based medical devices, is committed to the development of point-of-care diagnostic solutions for early detection and monitoring of chronic, preventable conditions. 
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  • Dabir


  • DTAMedical


    DTAMedical is developing an innovative medical device for wound healing.  
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  • Illingworth Research Ltd. & Research Nurses.co

    Illingworth Research Ltd. & Research Nurses.co

    Illingworth Research is a leading European clinical research organisation providing a wide range of clinical development and medical photography services to the healthcare, biotechnology, medical device and international pharmaceutical industries.
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  • IVT Medical Ltd.

    IVT Medical Ltd.

    IVT Medical Ltd. developed its first product, the TopClosure® Tension Relief System (TRS), an innovative- ingenious technology intended for management of simple and complex wounds for civil, military and mass-casualty injuries applications
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  • Mölnlycke


    At Mölnlycke, we deliver innovative solutions for managing wounds, improving surgical safety and efficiency and preventing pressure ulcers. 

  • Otivio AS

    Otivio AS

    Otivio AS is a privately-owned company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2010 based on IP, prototypes and clinical data developed at University of Oslo. 
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  • Springer


    Springer Nature is committed to providing the best quality content through a range of innovative product and services for the research, education and professional communities. 

  • Wound Healing Foundation

    Wound Healing Foundation

    Founded in 1999, The Wound Healing Foundation (WHF) is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving wound healing worldwide through funding research, education, and outreach. 
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