A Formulation-based Approach to Infection Prevention

With current challenges in the use of antibiotics for the treatment of wound infections, topical antiseptics may be a suitable alternative in many cases. They are less likely to induce resistance, owing to their unspecific mode of action and the high concentrations in which they can be used and can prevent biofilm build-up as well as exert antimicrobial action. A more effective skin antisepsis procedure could also reduce the incidence of surgical-site infections and therefore the antibiotic burden.

There are challenges associated with the use of topical antiseptics including an unknown depth of penetration and unknown effective concentration in situ. This talk will highlight a number of formulation strategies that can be applied to influence the dermal targeting of antiseptic agents, to control the site of action and the duration of activity in skin models. 

This lecture is presented by Professor Barbara Conway, UK